A TechnoLatin phrase generator by Doc Searls.

BuzzPhrases are built with TechnoLatin, a non-language that replaces plain English nouns with vague but precise-sounding substitutes.  In TechnoLatin, a disk drive is a "data management solution."  A phone is a "telecommunications device." 

For more information, see the BuzzPhraser Story, or try making some BuzzPhrases yourself.  Just click on the New BuzzPhrase button.  You can use the parameters on the control panel to tweak the exact form of your buzz phrases.  You can also print your accumulated phrases.

BuzzPhraser 2.1 is an OSI Certified Open Source Javascript application, written by Charles Roth.  The source is available as the tarfile buzz.tar.  Please let us know about any interesting uses of or changes to the BuzzPhraser.